Why Indigo Adults MUST Shield and Clear their Energy Field

I am an indigo adult intending to attend Northern Arizona University in the fall.

It’s not the easy choice. I have a few classes to finish up to get my degree and it would be much easier to go back to my old college on the east coast and finish up there.

Much less hassle. Much less paperwork.

I have been resisting, though, and besides the fact that I’m happy here in Flagstaff, I am reluctant to return to the East Coast mentality, because a lot of it is fear-based thinking and philosophy and that doesn’t mesh well with me any more.

And the difference between a non-indigo being in that sort of environment and ME, an indigo adult and empath, is that the non-indigo doesn’t pick up on the collective thought that much.  The only opinions, hopes and fears they hear in their head are theirs or the verbal, out-loud conversations they have with others.

Not so with indigo adults. Or at least this indigo adult. Being an empath and somewhat telepathic, I very much pick up on the thoughts of others, if only in a subconscious way (which is almost more nefarious because I sometimes don’t know that the thoughts of the angry person standing next to me are driving my thoughts and actions.

Years ago, this would really take its toll on me because I would be going a long in happy, hippy Los Angeles, and then I would get back to the East Coast and just feel like everything and everybody was attacking me and that the world was such a place to be feared.

And then I’d get back to L.A. and be fine.

These days I do shield and ideally I clear my energy twice per day... Once in the morning and once in the evening.  (more on how to do this in another post.)

This does the trick, and I am able to stay connected to the positive, open-hearted person I know I am (not that I don't have my bumpier days, but overall I am a positive person.)

It’s like in Harry Potter 5 (spoiler) when Voldemort gets into Harry’s mind at the end of the movie.  

This nearly kills Harry because Voldemort was feeding Harry such terrible thoughts, emotions and images that he was writhing in pain.

In my worst of times, this is what would happen to me, and I didn’t understand why because nothing was going on in my life that elicited such icky emotions.

Today, I am acutely aware when something is coming at me and latching on that isn’t mine.  Today I can clear it and shield it away from me almost immediately.

Most of the time...

But the East Coast takes extra diligence and I just don’t think I have the patience to constantly clear my field.

Plus, I am still learning myself, and sometimes I’ve waited to long to clear and it seems like it’s much harder to clear energetic smut when I wait too long.

Plus the East Coasters are true muggles... They don’t get me and it’s really hard to find other indigo adults that aren’t hiding their magic in the shadows, like I tried to do when I was going up on the East Coast.

So now I have to come up with a reason that would sound good to non-indigo, physical plane East Coaster as to why I’m staying in Flagstaff, even if I end up not attending NAU this semester.  

“The energetic is cleaner, safer and more heart centered” might cut it with other indigo adults, but not with hard nosed New Yorkers.

Anybody out there have a good 3rd dimension excuse for me?  I’ve been saying I like the weather, but it gets cold here, too.

Please leave suggestions for reasons for me to stay in Flagstaff that a non-indigo would understand.  And if any indigo adults have had success keeping their energy fields clear, that would also be helpful to me and other readers. Kind words are always appreciated, too!